y On The Green® FAQ's

What are the Prohibited Items?

Outside beverages - the only exception is plastic bottles of water (up to 1 Liter)

Beer and wine are available for purchase. Must be 21 (I.D. required) to purchase and/or consume.

Weapons of any kind.

Metal cutlery of any kind.

Selfie and Go Pro sticks.

Sun shades, tents, tables.


Glass containers of any kind.

Professional cameras (including any camera with a removable lens) and sound and video recording equipment.

Pets (other than registered service animals.)

There will be a security check at the gate and any prohibited items will be confiscated.

Got Live Entertainment and California State University East Bay take no responsibility for confiscated items.

What can I bring to Day On The Green®?

Low-profile (beach style) lawn chairs. Seat may not exceed ten (10) inches from the ground.

Picnic blankets. Beach Towels.

Plastic bottles of water (1 Liter max.)

Food - there is also a selection of food available for purchase.


What ticket types are available?

General Admission (non-reserved seating.)

VIP (admission to VIP serving area in addition to concert seating)

Conduct Guidelines

Consideration of your fellow concert goers is expected at all times. Aggression, Intoxication or anti-social behavior will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the venue.

Patrons will not be stopped from standing during the performance in the General Admission area.

Can I bring my camera or sound and video recording equipment?

Professional cameras and video and recording equipment are not allowed. Generally, cameras with powerful zoom lenses or detachable lenses in a carry case are not allowed. We can’t judge that beforehand. It's up to security staff on the day, and debate will not be entered into. Unauthorized or prohibited photography may result in images being deleted by security staff. Media and professional photographers must arrange for credentials from Got Live Entertainment.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. Alcohol (Beer & Wine only) is available for purchase at all venues. Must be 21 years old with valid ID to be served and/or consume.

Where can I park?

General and preferred parking is available on-site for a nominal fee.

Can I bring the kids?

Yes. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a ticket-holding parent or legal guardian at all times. For parents considering bringing a baby to Day On The Green® - bringing your baby is entirely your choice. It is not recommended, for both the child & your well being and safety, and your enjoyment of the show. Please note: Strollers are not permitted in the seating areas.

 Is First Aid available?

Yes. Please ask Security, Event staff or First Aid officers for help. Please consider others as well as your own safety. If someone is in need of medical attention please let Security, Event staff or First Aid know so they can help.

Can I leave and come back?

No re-entry is allowed (except in the case of emergency.)

Can I bring a cooler or ice-chest?

No. However you may bring in insulated “cooler bags.”

What if it rains?

The show will go ahead unless conditions are deemed to be dangerous. There are no refunds on ticket sales because of weather or acts of God. If the forecast is for even the possibility of rain, bring good quality raincoats and suitable footwear.

Can I smoke?

NO. There is NO Smoking allowed anywhere on Cal State University East Bay property. This includes electric cigarettes (Vaping.)

Where is Lost & Found?

 If you find or lose something - please go to the merchandise booth. After the event, any lost property will be left at the administrative offices of Cal State University East Bay.

 Is there an ATM? 

Yes. But it is still recommended to bring enough cash for the day.

Are there facilities for people with special needs?

Yes. Accessible toilets, parking (with state issued placard) are available.

Besides driving, what are the transport options to and from venue?

Bus services – AC Transit operates Bus #60 between the Hayward BART station and the CSUEB campus: Fees, schedules, and maps are available on AC Transit's Rider Info site.

Pick up & Drop off – You can be dropped off and picked up from the venue. Please use the dedicated pick up / drop off zone. Drop off and pick up on surrounding roads is not permitted.

Taxis/Uber/Lyft – Anyone getting dropped off or picked up must do so in the dedicated pick up and drop off area.

What are the Food options on site?

You are permitted to bring your own food to Day On The Green®. Please know that we do have a broad offering of food vendors onsite at all events. Every attempt is made to ensure all dietary requirements are catered for by the contracted food vendors however if you have a specific dietary requirement it is advised to bring your own food.


Will tickets be available at the gate?

Tickets may be available at the gate, if the show has not sold out.

Can lost tickets be replaced?

No. Once the ticket sale is processed the purchase is final. While obviously we sympathize with you if you lose your ticket, we are unable to reissue. Even if we have a record of your purchase, we cannot be certain that other less scrupulous members of the public will not use the ticket. Please treat your ticket like cash, as they are irreplaceable.

Can I get a refund or Exchange?

Unless the event has been cancelled or rescheduled, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my ticket order/purchase?

Email OR go to the main ticket booth at the venue on the day of the show only. Please DO NOT contact the University. They are not prepared to accommodate you or to answer event specific questions. Thank you.

Have a great time at Day On The Green®!